My Strengths 6 November 2017

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I knew what I was good at, so I could do it more?

Can you answer the question ‘what am I really great at?’ Talking about our strengths isn’t a very British thing to do but it’s important to know what makes you brilliant so you can do it more, accelerating your career and your happiness.

At Amazing If, we think that everyone has 2 or 3 things they excel in that trump everything else. We call these Super Strengths and believe that identifying and focusing on these, rather than investing time on your weaknesses, is a big part of career success.

This course has been designed to help you identify your strengths and learn how to focus on your Super Strengths. We also discuss how to make sure the people you work with recognise your strengths and how you can discover new hidden strengths.

Course summary

  • Strengths: what they mean and why they matter
  • Your strengths: how to identify your strengths and find your Super Strengths
  • Perception: do other people know what you’re great at?
  • Experimentation: how doing something different can uncover hidden strengths
  • Action: how to develop your strengths to grow, learn and succeed

Amazing if courses

We know what works….

  • All our courses combine a bit of theory, practical tools and the opportunity to practise during the session – we want to encourage both thinking and action, so you can go away prepared to do things differently

We’re relaxed so you can be too…

  • Everything from the environment, the course leaders and the course materials are designed to ensure you feel comfortable and learn as much as possible

Good things come in small numbers…

  • It’s a jam packed 90 minutes, so we keep our courses small to make sure you can get the most out of them from each other and from the course leaders