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Do you sometimes feel confused or frustrated trying to navigate the squiggly world of work? Don’t panic – you’re not alone. We created the Squiggly Careers podcast to help you take control of your career with practical, action-focused advice that will help you make better choices about your future.

We’ve filled each episode with tips, tools and techniques that you can put into practice straight away, helping you to be your best at work.

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How to manage for the first time

Managing for the first time can feel like a daunting experience that triggers all kinds of Confidence Gremlins. What if…

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Talking to the UK's Minister for Loneliness

09 Jul 2019

Loneliness is a growing issue in the workplace and one that we can all take action on to support people.…


How to increase your social impact

02 Jul 2019

Our careers are longer than ever and more and more people are looking not only to do a great job,…


Microaggressions at work

02 Jul 2019

How aware of and affected are you by microaggressions at work? Perhaps it’s something you’ve not heard of before or…


How to succeed at work

02 Jul 2019

Success is often defined by what we see others doing and achieving or external signals like salary and status. This…


Neuroscience with Amy Brann

02 Jul 2019

This week's Squiggly Careers podcast episode features neuroscience expert Amy Brann, sharing her wisdom about how we can use our…


How to manage politics at work

02 Jul 2019

Politics at work is something everyone experiences and no one we've spoken to yet actually enjoys! It seems like a…