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Do you want to create a workforce that is empowered to take ownership of their careers, develop managers who know how to bring the best out of their people and high-performing teams who leverage each other’s strengths? Our programmes are designed to do just that.

We’ve worked with organisations including Diageo, MoneySuperMarket, Cook and BT to create transformational learning programmes to give people the tools they need to thrive at work and take control of their future careers.

Our Core Programmes

Career Development

We deliver one and two day career development programmes covering values, strengths, confidence, networking and future possibilities. Our sessions are inspirational, interactive and action-focused.

Growth Mindset Management

Our programme for managers focuses on the skills they need to develop to help their teams be their best. We cover psychological safety, feedback, learning and coaching skills in a one day workshop.

High Performing Teams

We help teams to understand each other’s motivators and drivers, using findings from a pre-session questionnaire to design a bespoke session to respond to the individual needs of each team. Our one day sessions give teams the insights and tools to perform at their best.

Reasons to work with us...

We get

Our courses make a significant and positive impact on the organisations we work with.

“Amazing If’s course helped our managers to think about how they can help their teams be at their best and identify specific actions they can take to put their learning into practice.” – Kate Ghandi, Marketing Director, UKTV

We deliver
Learning that lasts

We use innovative techniques and technology to ensure our programmes are interactive, impactful and memorable.

“Feedback from the sessions that Amazing If ran for us has been excellent. They had a really energising effect and have undoubtedly contributed to shifting mindsets within the team” -  Frederique Wedgewood, Head of Marketing Competency Development, Direct Line

We practice what
We teach

Our tools have been fundamental to our own career success as senior leaders in commercial organisations and we continually update and improve our solutions.

“Amazing If deliver accessible and relevant content that resonates, has credibility and comes from real life experience” - Jodie Lowe, Senior L&D Partner, MoneySuperMarket Group

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How we can work with you

We work in partnership with our clients to tailor our content and design a unique learning programme that fits their needs. This includes bespoke branding, integrating content from existing L&D activities, referencing key organisational objectives and strategy and developing specific feedback metrics to align with internal measurement processes.

Our collaborative approach results in many long-term arrangements with our clients who trust us to deliver their career programmes.

What our clients say

A perfect partnership that delivers accessible and relevant content that resonates, has credibility and comes from real life experience. We started a journey in 2018 to change the conversation about careers. Fast forward to 2019 and around 50% of our teams have attended a career session with Amazing If and there is appetite for so much more.

Jodie Lowe

Senior L&D Partner, MoneySuperMarket Group

Amazing If engaged the team in some incredibly powerful but practical exercises to help the team identify how they could better apply their values and strengths to their work and career. Feedback from the team was excellent, couldn't recommend Amazing If highly enough.

Mark Paterson

Head of Marketing, UBER UK

We worked together to design a programme to train people in COOK. There wasn't a team member who didn't find it hugely helpful and enriching. Everyone wants more of their unique, effective and accessible development toolkit.



Jodie Lowe

Senior L&D Partner, MoneySuperMarket Group

Mark Paterson

Head of Marketing, UBER UK